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Program for the February 1, 2024 Meeting:


Growing Roses in the South

Presenter: Karen Radde

Karen Radde is a member of the American Rose Society and a retired rose exhibitor and judge of horticulture and arrangements throughout the Southeast. She is a lover of all varieties of roses. She has been the caretaker of the roses at the UGA Trial Garden and at the State Botanica Garden for many years.


Whether they are old garden roses or new varieties, there is at least one favorite and success for every gardener. However, growing roses in the South can be challenging even while they are rewarding. With even a short introduction to growing roses, anyone can be a successful rose grower if you chose carefully and maintain them just a bit. 

Ms. Raade will cover soil amendment, sun requirements, water and fertilizer needs, and choosing the right roses for this area. Bring your questions, complaints, and comments!

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