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Upcoming Events

WGC September Meeting will be held Thursday, September 1, 2022 at the Union Christian Church, Watkinsville, at 10 AM.


Welcome to the Watkinsville Garden Club

The Watkinsville Garden Club was formed in 1940 and has over 80 members, both women and men. If you are interested in joining, please come to our next meeting.​

The garden club meets on the first Thursday of each month at 10 AM, September through June. The usual meeting place is the Union Christian Church, Watkinsville, unless announced otherwise.



The Great Georgia Pollinator Census


The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is one of many partners working with University of Georgia Extension to gather a snapshot look of pollinators around the state of Georgia. During the two days of The Great Georgia Pollinator Census (August 19-20, 2022) Georgians will record the numbers and types of pollinators that populate our state during late summer. 

You do not need to be an expert in pollinators to participate in this important event. The organizers have provided instructions, identification guides, count sheets and many other helpful guides for children, adults, students, even businesses to make it easy to participate.  You can find all this information on the Great Georgia Pollinator Census website: https://ggapc.org/.

You can join the Georgia Pollinator Census Facebook page and follow on instagram @GaPollinators. There are also videos on YouTube:

  1. The Great Pollinator Census 2022—How-To and History

  2. The Great Pollinator Census 2022—Educators and Non-Profits

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