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Program for the January 4, 2024 Meeting: 

Hardwoods in Georgia

Presenter: Dr. Karl Miller

Dr. Karl V. Miller is an Emeritus Professor of Deer Management in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia (UGA). Dr. Miller received his BS in Entomology from Pennsylvania State in 1979, his MS from Ohio State University in 1981, and his PhD in Forest Resources from UGA in 1985. During his 34-year tenure at UGA Dr. Miller oversaw the UGA Deer Lab, and he is recognized as a world authority on white-tailed deer behavior and management. His research at UGA focused on enhancing deer populations and habitat quality on rural landscapes for recreational use while investigating means of mitigating deer-human conflicts, sensory perception in deer, predator ecology in relation to deer management, and impacts of forest management on wildlife habitat and wildfire communities.

Dr. Miller and his graduate students have authored more than 450 scientific articles, book chapters and technical articles, and he has co-written or co-edited four books. Dr. Miller is an avid hunter. He also enjoys trout fishing, gardening, and in particular, trail riding on his horse "Cow" with his beautiful bride, Renee.

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