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In an interview with Dr. Dirr, we asked "What is your favorite hydrangea?"

Favorite hydrangea? The one that is in flower now. That’s the way most people feel. From a commercial standpoint, it’s the one that sells the most. You’ve been in Lowe’s. They grow ‘Mathilde Gutges’, which is a 1940s hybrid from Germany. It’s in a decorative pot and it sells like crazy. I think whatever constitutes eye candy for most people is the best plant. People who are real gardeners further north think about the rebloomers and that’s one reason this whole Endless Summer brand has been so successful.

I just love ‘Blushing Bride’. I think it’s one of the most beautiful plants we’ve produced. And I think ‘Ami Pasquier’ is so elegant. It’s so different. ‘Brestenburg’ is a lovely compact blue form. On any given day, you’re walking by a hydrangea in bloom, and you say it couldn’t be any more beautiful than that.

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