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The Pot Plot: Hypertufa
Thursday, February 2nd at 10 a.m.

This is a great trick—messy but economical.  WGC member Carol Nimmons will demonstrate how to mix up and make different plant pots from hypertufa.  Versatile, good-looking, and sturdy, they hold up under heat and cold for years without costing a lot.

This demo is the precursor to our Hypertufa Pot Making Workshop to follow in March.  Carol Nimmons and Judith Williams will lead participants in making hypertufa pots for themselves and for our upcoming Spring Plant Sale.  The “plot” is to populate these pots after a visit to Grower’s Outlet later in March to buy bedding plants and hanging baskets.  Club members will please take a planted pot or two home and grow them into beauties for our sale on May 13th, the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

Hypertufa is an odd concoction of Portland cement, perlite or vermiculite, Sphagnum peat moss, and water.  Not to be attempted on your dining room table, it dries into a concrete-like container that weathers well.  Naturally attractive, you can also mix in food coloring or fabric dye to create charming colored pots.  Finished pots may be painted or stained and sealed. (Weighty, they withstand high winds and the knocks of 165 lb. puppies.)

Come see how it’s done and start saving plastic containers to make your own hypertufa pots, planters, stepping stones, and small window boxes.  And be part of our plot to ready pretty planted pots for our Spring Sale!

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