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It has been over a day now and,

Her presence is still with me,

Like fog on a Spring morning.

I named her Elizabeth because

She was so regal and steady.

Standing up perfectly straight.

Holding  her head high. alone and fearless.

A single double bloom fully exposed to the light.

Her sister Peonies in the garden

Where she lived, were yet unborn, 

But getting ready to emerge.

Here was Elizabeth for all the world to see,

Standing firm, giving off her stunning presence

In cotton candy Pink.

She was very brave for being so young.

Adorned with ruffled edges,

Quivering with an intoxicating scent.

I stood amazed at her strength and beauty.

How brave she was to be the first 

to reveal herself.

She was not afraid of her vulnerability.

I tried to take this wonder in 

As an indelible memory for my old age.

For but a few moments 

In a lifetime of moments,

Elizabeth allowed me to

Enjoy her accomplishments.

I came home excited and relayed my experience

Of visiting with Elizabeth, to the Peonies

That are not yet blooming at High Meadow.

They loved hearing about it all and I know 

They felt inspired.

I, myself, am nothing but grateful for this 

New addition to my garden memories.



Written by:  Eileen Summerville

Winder, Georgia

For  Lisa Douglas

On visiting Hedgerow Garden/Farm

April 17th, 2021

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