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Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl

Poster contest 2.jpg
From left: Judy Murrow, Yu Zhon, Alethia He, Shirley McCorkle

The Watkinsville Garden Club works with Oconee County grade schools to encourage first through fifth grade students to enter the Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Poster Contest.  Students are invited to demonstrate their understanding of fire prevention and basic environmental conservation principles through original drawings of Smokey Bear or Woodsy Owl. 


Smokey Bear posters must be based on and include Smokey’s fire prevention message “Only YOU Can Prevent Wildfires!” and Woodsy Owl Posters must be based on and include Woodsy’s conservation message: “Lend a Hand – Care for the Land!”  Each winner receives a certificate and cash award.

Judy Murrow, D. Martin, Shirley McCorkle
Poster contest (2).jpg
2018 Winners in the Garden Club of Georgia Poster Contest

2019 Garden Club of Georgia Winners in the Poster Contest


Since 2007, WGC members, Shirley McCorkle and Judy Morrow, have worked with Oconee County grade schools to encourage first through fifth grade students to enter this contest.  This year, they received 45 posters from 7 schools. A committee chose 16 posters to send to the District Chairman. Of these 16, 11 were chosen as district winners. Those posters went on to the state competition and 7 were chosen as state winners (2 first-place awards, 3 second-place awards, 1 third-place award, and 1 honorable mention).

First Place Winners

Jonathan Lockamy.JPG
Jonathan Lockamy
Grade 5
Sean Kong.jpg
Sean Kong
Grade 2

Second Place Winners

Drew Martin.jpg
Drew Martin
Grade 5

Third Place Winner

Lena Steinkamp.JPG
Lena Steinkamp
Grade 4
Charlize Sherrer.JPG
Charlize Sherrer
Grade 3
Elina Boosalis.JPG
Elina Boosalis
Grade 3

Honorable Mention

Megan Miller.JPG
Megan Miller
Grade 5
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