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The Magic of the Gingko Tree

Today I woke up early to catch the last showing of the full moon before it went back to sleep.

Winter is here now so I dare not go outside.

I intended to fix a cup of tea and admire the garden.

But God had another plan.

I stood looking out onto the garden from my warm house.

There ready to put on a show was the Gingko Tree.

It was in full color for Fall.

The color of Butter.

There was a soft wind about.

I watched now a miracle once again.

The Gingko had decided to release its delicate leaves.

I watched as they one by one then two by two came dancing down to the earth below.

It was slow at first but then the wind would pick up and Whoosh!

It was raining Gold!

I accepted the quiet that was surrounding me.

I was breathing very softly so as not to disturb this magic.

A dance of golden leaves gently releasing themselves from their parent tree.

I did not want to move from my spot to make the tea.

This was such important magic.

For years I have been trying to catch this Gingko on the day when its leaves all fell at once.

No luck there.

Now on this winter morning in December, I stood transfixed on a miracle of death and rebirth.

This miracle took about an hour to complete itself.

The Gingko was bare.

My instinct is to go under the tree and roll into its leaves and wrap my body entirely with them.

But I will not do that today.

Today I will admire the butter yellow ground and thank the Gingko.

I will wait a few days before I blow the leaves onto the grass and haul them away.

I am feeling very special because this Gingko allowed me to be witness to this ritual.

How fortunate I was to be in the right place at the right time.

I think now the Gingko tree has accepted me completely!

I could ask for nothing more.



Written by: Eileen Summerville

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