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Duties and Responsibilities of Members

1.  Bring your yearbook to every meeting.

2.  Roll call is recorded as members pick up their personalized name tag and door-prize ticket.

3.  Advise the chaplain of any illness or death of a member or a relative so that an appropriate card can be sent.  A donation of $25 in memory of member or spouse will be sent to state headquarters.

4.  All members are asked to bring a covered dish to each meeting.

5.  Host/hostess team is responsible for providing the main dish, cold beverages and ice, coffee, sugar and creamer and for      arranging tables and for leaving the building neat and clean.  (Please empty trash, wash and put away silverware and          sweep floor if needed.)  Plates, napkins and cups are provided by the club. This does not preclude the hostess                      team from purchasing its own paper supplies if needed to carry out a particular theme.  A coffee maker, pitchers, trays        and silverware are available.  (Host/hostesses, please do not start preparing food until the speaker's presentation has

     been concluded.)

6.  Monthly host/hostess chair calls everyone on his or her team and organizes food for luncheon.

7.  If a member cannot serve as host/hostess when scheduled, a replacement must be recruited. Please notify Host/     Hostess committee chair person(s).

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