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Installation of New Officers

April 4, 2019
10 AM to noon
Ashford Memorial Methodist Church
1 South Main Street
Watkinsville, Georgia
Many thanks to the officers who have served the garden club in the last two years:
President: Gloria Crews
First Vice-President: Phyllis Rother
Second Vice-President: Mary Mills
Secretary: Peggy Boggan
Assistant Secretary: Judy Cantrell
Treasurer: Dean Fenley
Assistant Treasurer: Judy Murrow
Parliamentarian: Shirley McCorkle
Historian: Lois Kraeling
The incoming officers are:

President: Pam Hendrix

First Vice-President: Blake Giles

Second Vice-President: Rachel Guthrie

Secretary: Judy Cantrell

Assistant Secretary: Shirley McCorkle

Treasurer: Judy Murrow

Assistant Treasurer: Tina Eades

Parliamentarian: Virginia Wells

Historian: Lois Kraeling

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