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Fourth Annual Oconee Garden Tour

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Krugman Garden






The Fourth Annual Oconee Garden Tour which benefits the Oconee Area Resource Council's (OARC) Mentor Program was a great success!   Approximately 200 tickets were sold.  OARC reports that they made $6,815.68.

Many thanks to the garden owners who graciously agreed to be on the tour and everyone else who volunteered to help make tour day run smoothly.

Tour Gardens

Rick and Gina Brewer

100 Village Circle

Watkinsville, GA 30677


Michael and Bonnie Dirr

1849 Heather Lane

Watkinsville 30677

Dean and Vicki Krugman

1190 Thornwell Drive

Athens 30606

Leonard  and Robbie Myers

1121 Tuxedo Lane

Watkinsville 30677

Frank and Kimberly Pittman

1400 Saxon Road

Watkinsville 30677

2019 Garden Club of Georgia Awards

The joint effort of the Annual Plant Sale and the Oconee Garden Tour won an award from the Garden Club of Georgia in 2019.


First Place Award (large club category): Public Relations

The Garden Club of Georgia gives this award to a member group that promotes good public relations with one or more non-member organizations based on a co-sponsored project that promotes garden club goals in areas such as horticulture, conservation or environmental concerns.


The Watkinsville Garden Club conducted a plant sale and co-sponsored a garden tour with the Oconee Area Resource Council on May 4, 2019. The objectives of these ventures were to show residents and visitors what local gardeners have done to enhance the natural beauty of the area and to offer plants for sale at reasonable prices that others could use in their own gardens. Other objectives were to raise money for the activities of the WGC through the plant sale and to raise money for the mentoring projects in the Oconee County schools through the garden tour.

Garden club members collaborated with Dr. Michael Dirr, retired professor from the University of Georgia, to propagate nearly 300 cuttings of hydrangeas that Dr. Dirr has in his private collection. Throughout the summer, fall, winter, and early spring, garden club members nurtured these plants. All members of the WGC were encouraged to plan what plants they could bring from their own gardens as in previous years.

Members of the WGC participated in a number of activities to assist the Oconee Area Resource Council prepare for and run the garden tour by helping with the selection of the gardens, planning collaborative efforts to publicize the events, and providing staff at the gardens on the tour day.

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